BBMAP-Nagios : Nagios Status Map

Torsten Faehrmann has developed a branch of BBMAP for Nagios. Even if I prefer BigBrother, I decide with the agreement of Torsten to put this code on the web if someone needs it.

Download here bbmap_nagios.tgz !
Here is the words of Torsten:

After discussion we decide to switch our networkmonitoring from BigBrother to Nagios. 
But I liked to use BBMAP further. So I tried modify bbmap to work with Nagios.
It was not so complicated. Major tasks were:
- create scripts to fill host.cfg (nagioshosts.cfg) and services.cfg
- replace fullstatusreturn to get status from nagios (table servicestatus)
- replace status.php and redirect to nagios
change globalmap.cfg (paths) and copy gifs from bb to bbmap

This is the first quick and dirty solution. If you got trouble or successions let me  know. 
I'm will ready to make improvements.

Torsten Faehrmann
Munich, 09.05.2004


First see bbmap 2.4 requirements, but you don't need bbgen.
This version is in production with Nagios 1.2 with MySQL database connection.
We use table servicestatus for queries.


Unpack bbmap distribution in a directory;
Install file from bbmap_nagios.tgz over this directory (replace original file with bbmap_nagios files);
Modify globalmap.cfg to your paths and requirements;
Modify parameters for MySQL connection in the following files:


Run to create servicelist.cfg and nagioshosts.cfg;
Now you can use bbmap.
I recommend not deselecting host or services in option dialogue, 
else you have to run nagioslists for every new map.